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Mister Applegate's Perception

Mister Applegate's Perception

Mister Applegate's Perception is a Spiritually Bold, & Earthy sounding Hard Rocking alternative to today’s typically over produced Rock Music.
Hailing from historic Bristol, Pa. and formed in the late spring of 2012, Mister Applegate's Perception is a Hard Rocking quartet consisting of Geri Gates (Guitars, Lead Vocals, & Songwriting), Matt Rodriguez (Drums & Percussion), Daniel Robbins (Keyboards & Percussion) & Jeff Grosse (Bass & Backing Vocals). All four having an impeccable musical pedigree. Each having played in a wide variety of music styles, and having shared the stage with some of the best names in the business. Making the mighty four highly respected amongst their peers.

Mister Applegate's Perception first came together as of a result of a good mutual friend, who introduced each of the members of Mister Applegate's Perception to one another at an Open Mic Event in which Gates, Rodriguez & Robbins arrived with their proverbial tails tucked between their legs having just received word that their then bassist had decided to leave them High & Dry only 3 hours before their first scheduled live appearance . After being quickly introduced to their new bassist Jeff Grosse the New Band huddled together to put a setlist in order and the rest as they say is Rock & Roll History. All four musicians felt that special magic in the air on that fateful night, as they cast their musical spell upon the lucky attendees who clamored around to get a glimpse of the next great Legacy in Rock.

Following this important show for Mister Applegate's Perception, they immediately commandeered a private rehearsal facility in order to learn & eventually record the wealth of original material that songwriter/producer Geri Gates had been saving for such an occasion as this. One song which is a staple at Mister Applegate's Perception Concerts is “Ragman” which Gates describes as: “A tribute to our Mothers & Fathers all of whom had an incredible work ethic and struggled on a daily basis in all kinds of economies to just put food on the table for their respective families, and it is also about those people who serve this country in the Armed Forces on a daily basis and what they have to go through in order to do so.”

Mister Applegate's Perception has been described as a mixture of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, & Nirvana put together in a blender. Their material is catchy, with Big Hooks, & Memorable Chorus’ which is the case with two more crowd favorites, “She” (Fakes It) & "Quicksand" each arriving at the listeners ears offering a refreshingly radio friendly sound yet, keeping that all important street credibility that Mister Applegate's Perception strives for.

Mister Applegate's Perception is poised to take over the Philadelphia, Pa. music scene as it now exists, leaving behind all other bands in their wake based on their songs and live presentation. One thing is forever certain when it comes to Mister Applegate's Perception when they are in concert. "They Put On An Arresting Performance!"

Band Interests
Rock & Roll, Sky Diving, Motorcycles, Women
Artists We Also Like
The Beatles, Vanhalen, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, UFO, Z.Z. Top, Metallica, [+]