Mizuno S5 Blue Ion Steel Wedge | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

The Mizuno S5 White Satin Steel Wedge delivers elite feel and shot control in a new enticing Silhouette profile. The Silhouette profile is a softer version of the popular Teardrop shape, so when players open and close the wedge, the profile always appears aligned to the target. The S5 Wedge is available in 25 loft and bounce offerings so that all possible distance gaps may be covered. High-bounce versions carry a visible 15% sole grind and the low-bounce offerings carry a 25% sole grind. These grinds aid in helping the high-bounce versions to play higher and the low-bounce versions to play lower. Forged from Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forging process and carrying Mizuno's exclusive Quad Cut grooves, the S5 White Satin Steel Wedge delivers on the promise of solid feel and ball-stopping spin. [+]