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Mocambo Wilde Havana · 3.5 × 30

Tons of traditional tobacco taste in a slim yet satisfyingly solid premium cigar that is priced to please! The Mocambo Wilde Havana is a rugged 3.5 x 30 smoke handmade in rough-hewn style with a bold black-tobacco blend of top-quality Honduran and Nicaraguan leaf. Finished with an Ecuador Sumatra natural wrapper in a sunbaked light-brown color, the Mocambo Wilde Havana displays compact classic cowboy craftsmanship that offers cigar fans a medium-bodied strength profile that is hearty but not overtly heavy. Packed 50 cigars per each fragrant cedar chest, the Mocambo Wilde Havana ain't a fancy smoke...but it is an inimitable option for smokers shopping online to buy handmade cigars with a true taste of traditional western style. [+]