Mock the Week: 1001 Scenes We'd Like to See (book)

Plot Summary:

"Mock The Week: 1001 Scenes We'd Like To See" is the funniest, rudest book of the summer, packed with enough one-liners to fill a whole new series. If you've ever wondered what would be a bad thing to say at a state banquet, or need advice on slogans you shouldn't have tattooed on your arse, then this book will prove invaluable. Collecting together the best one-liners from two bestselling "Mock the Week Books", categories include: Unsuccessful Personal Ads: companion required for long sessions of Sudoku. No timewasters; Greetings Cards that wouldn't sell: sorry about your face; Unlikely Medical Labels: may cause diarrhoea, dysentery, flatulence, piles and other hilarious bottom-related ailments; Unikely Crossword Clues: Apricot knee Simon - well a nun might if the Zeppelin has grown its own Byzantium (16,8); and, Lines you'd never see in a James Bond book: "James, he's using the diamonds to divert a giant laser onto New York from outer space'. Bond took the bottle out of M's shaking hand and helped her off the floor into bed'. [1]