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Moral Belief

We are 5 guys from a small town in Iowa. All we want to do is play music and spread ours to new people and places. BUT as a bigger picture and meaning behind us, we want to be part of the movement taking this style and type of music to the masses.

The fans and anyone else who even takes one listen to their music is helping us accomplish our dream and we highly appreciate it.

We do not belong to a religion but we are not atheist, we all have moral beliefs. We drink, we smoke, we swear, we dont go to church but we all do have our own beliefs. What ever you believe is your choice and you shouldn't let anyone tell you its wrong. Just dont get the wrong impression of who we are. We love music and we feel we can put any content into our lyrics and still maintain who we are. If it offends you, we cant do anything about it because this is who we are. Music is powerful and thats what we are focused on, the music. We don't need a religion or gimic to do it. [+]