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More Than it Hurts You (book)


This is the riveting story of a woman who will risk everything to feel something; a doctor whose diagnosis brings her entire life into question; and, a man who suddenly realizes that he can no longer be both a good husband and a good father. Will this hurt me...more than it hurts you? Josh and Dori Goldin are the perfect couple. And they have a perfect baby boy: he is eight months old, he has blue eyes and tawny hair, and no, he hasn't started to talk yet. And he doesn't react to his name. And he did lose consciousness recently. And coughed up blood...And then his heart stopped. For no obvious reason. But young children always scare their parents...Don't they? "More Than It Hurts You" is the compelling and devastating story of a seemingly perfect family spinning into crisis: a mother accused of harming her child, and a father shocked into realizing that the people he loves the most may be the people he should trust the least. [1]