Moriah Domby

It takes a truly exceptional artist to write original music and a dedicated one to individually self- book a national tour, both of which Country music newcomer Moriah Domby has already accomplished. Sweet and whimsical, yet honest and edgy, Moriah Domby brings to the Country realm her unique musical style as diverse as the picket-fenced suburbs of the artsy and progressive Portland, Oregon that she grew up in. Equally so, growing up in an arts-infused family also contributed to the young musician’s creative side, as the All-American brunette has been playing piano and whipping up songs since before she could even read. Her unique and eclectic sound is showcased in her recently released full-length album, “Winning Me Over,” which features her writing talents on each of the album’s original songs. “The title-track encompasses the whole feel of the album: positive, reflective and hopeful about the kind of love that wins you over, little by little,” said Domby. “I hope the album does the same with listeners: wins them over little by little.”
Still a newcomer to the Nashville music scene, she has already graced the stage of several iconic venues such as Douglas Corner and The Listening Room while she was pursuing a music business degree at Middle Tennessee State University. After graduating, Domby put her industry knowledge to practice by booking her own first national acoustic tour with locations ranging from New York to LA. “When you’re out on the road chasing your dream without your support system and less than comfortable conditions, yet you still manage to love every moment, you realize how bad you really want something,” said Domby of the experience.
In addition to her musical talents, Domby also shares with fans a few of her outstanding cooking dishes through her personal site on alternate Thursdays, adding to her already savory style. Visit to try out one of her unique recipes while also enjoying the songs off her new album. [+]