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My Little Life: When Ellie Cheated (book)

Plot Summary:

Hands off. Keep out! No one reads this diary, OK! It's all here, blow by blow. I write my diary a lot. And that's what I wanna be - a mega famous blockbusting, big-time WRITER! But not yet, so don't go snooping...Introducing the voice of Tiffany Little, a girl with attitude and a diary she's not afraid to use! This is Adrian Mole without the angst and Bridget Jones for kids. Jenny Oldfield once again creates a must-have series, full of all the things girls this age worry about - school, friendship, shopping, families...and, in this case, writing a best-selling novel. In this title, Tiff is faced with a dilemma when she suspects her best friend of cheating...but should she tell on her? The books are filed with touching honesty and humour, as well as great black and white illustrations. So read on...if you can get hold of a copy! Ages 9 years and over. [1]