Mystery Brewing Company

Our mission is to create a cornucopia of high-quality rustic ales for the discriminating consumer, to test the boundaries of creativity and style. In short, to make outstanding beer. How do we plan to do it? It involves using fresh, high-quality ingredients and a steady hand at the kettle. But that’s just half of it. The other half of it is right here. The power of the internet, social media, and networking is here to see. Think of this as your own internet brewpub where you can sidle up next to the brewmaster and ask a question — because you can. What’s so Mysterious? It’s a bit of a throwback. “Mystery” in its original definition meant the “art and craft of a trade.” Brewers were among the first organized trade groups; there is evidence of a guild of brewers as early as 12th Century London: “the Master, Keepers or Wardens and Commonalty of the Mistery or Art of Brewers of the City of London”. So, it’s a tribute, it’s recognition that there is just as much art to brewing as there is science, and it’s a gentle reminder that to move forward and create a truly excellent future, sometimes you have to look at the past. [+]