Nalani Proctor

Nalani Proctor is a three piece rock band hailing from Keokuk, IA. Forming in December 2011, the group brings together backgrounds of acoustic, punk, hardcore, heavy metal, and indie genres to create songs that are soft and sweet, and alternatively driving rock.

If Only It Were That Easy, Nalani Proctor’s second CD effort, is set to release in the summer of 2012. The concept album chronicles a tragic relationship destined for loss and death. The songs are defined by hard hitting guitar, some scuzzy bass lines, and sing along lyrics.

Nalani Proctor, the guitarist and vocal lead, self-released her first CD I Will Never Leave My Bedroom, in August 2010. After receiving local notoriety in 2011 as a singer/songwriter, she joined forces with partner Dustin Neill (HRD, Guraja), who turned from guitar to drums to fill the need for a beat. Alex Crist (Guraja, Pound for Pound, Muldoon’s Clever Girls) later joined in with his own take on smooth and sizzling bass lines with added distortion. [+]