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Natalie Claro

Natalie Claro is not your typical 16 year old singer songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She has created a "career in [a little over] a year" (-The Tampa Tribune). She just finished co-producing her single Stumble which is set to release January 2016, alongside a music video.

Her songwriting skills developed at 10 years old, which over the six years has developed into an entire album that she plans consist of many original and new ideas to present to the world; 100% ready to be produced. When it comes to producing music she has a vivid and exact image of what she wants, and what she has to share with the world is too precious not to be loved and accepted. Try to put her in a genre, and she doesn’t fit. Her music is diverse….she really has something different to offer.

Natalie doesn’t hop on the newest songs or artists, so her taste isn’t based on trends or popularity which you will find her influences are many. Growing up in a house filled with music has influenced her music ability. From Michael Jackson and Billy Joel to twenty one pilots and Zella Day to a little Kanye; all give some influence to Natalie’s bluesy soulful sound.

Natalie loves music and reaches deep into lyrics. One of her favorite quotes~ Johnny Cash in “You Are My Sunshine” cuts the song short, and in the actual recording you hear one of the producers comment on it being shorter than normal and he needs to pick it up where he left off. Johnny Cash responds with “well if I feel like my song is sung, it don’t matter if it’s short. I feel like my song has been sung.”…..and that’s what has always stuck with Natalie.

Anyone will be impressed by this young artists confidence, and her business and marketing abilities. She has definitely created a career for herself in a year, but she will not sit down until she shares her deep lyrics and soulful sound with the world. [+]