National Catholic Reporter

The National Catholic Reporter (NCR) is an independant newspaper in the United States which covers topics on the Catholic Church. Based in midtown Kansas City, Missouri, NCR was founded by Robert Hoyt in 1964 as an independent newspaper focusing on the Catholic Church. Hoyt wanted to bring the professional standards of secular news reporting to the press that covers Catholic news maintaining that "if the mayor of a city owned its only newspaper, its citizens will not learn what they need and deserve to know about its affairs". It has won the "General Excellence" award from the Catholic Press Association in the category of national news publications 13 times between 2000 and 2014. Despite the name, the publication operates outside of the authority of the Catholic Church. Promoting a progressive position, the NCR presents itself "as one of the few, if not the only truly independent, journalistic outlet for Catholics and others who struggle with the complex moral and societal issues of the day."[3] However, the publication has been accused of ideological bias, favoring voices of dissent within the Catholic Church both in its expression of opinion and in its choice of news to report and of tending to criticize statements by the Holy See and Catholic bishops. [1]