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Natural Reaction

Natural Reaction are a fun loving northern Michigan based band who always have a song ready to be shared with others. With members from a variety of musical backgrounds, the compiled sound they bring has flavors borrowed from many genres to create something that rings familiar, but teases the senses with something new. Rob Huckle (bass guitar) and Adrian Pulley (drums), with their bumping bass grooves, and heavy rocking beats, always keep the rhythm foundation strong and solid. Jake Breithaupt (guitar/vocals) brings his energetic guitar riffs and versatile vocals to set up the next layer in this musical menagerie. Kevin Paul (guitar/vocals) adds to the mix with his own special blend of funky jam rock guitar leads and captivating voice. Allison Osband (lead vocals) rounds it out with her raw, bluesy, emotion-filled vocals and the occasional swinging of hips. Together they set out to share their delicious aural creations with the world, and anywhere the music may take them, when these talents come together, the Natural Reaction is a celebration of sound. [+]