Neon Satori

“A big element of our music is combining an epic, spiritual [sensibility] which makes you reflect on life, with a fun, funky dance aspect" (Good Times Weekly - Santa Cruz, CA)

Andrew Gibson (Guitar/Vocals), N8 ST9 (Percussion/Synths/Vocals), and Ravi Lamb (Guitar), better known as Neon Satori, have been creating their own blend of ADR - Atmospheric Dance Rock - after an auspicious meeting at a show at The Church House in Santa Cruz, CA. Combining ambient, spacy textures with infectious dance grooves, the trio seamlessly blends fun of neon with the consciousness of Satori.

Neon Satori dropped their debut single, "Bells Of Esmeralda" in early January, and will continue performing around the bay area throughout the year. [+]