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Nerds in Denial is a band out of Brockport, New York. Trying to describe the sound of the band is kind of like trying to make "The League" sound appealing to someone who's never seen the show: it sounds bad in theory, but seriously, it's a funny show. One avid fan of NID, asked to label the genre of the band, called us "power-indie with a little bit o' soul and R&B". One unassuming listener stated that NID sounds kinda like "the melodic and beautiful offspring that would occur between a rabbit and a unicorn". Devin would give you some irritatingly long list of genres such as "indie rock/alternative/punk pop/etc." But all can agree that Nerds in Denial's sound is one crafted from uniqueness and individuality. It's Nerds in Denial. Give us a shot. [+]