Next Stop Taipei

Next Stop Taipei is located in Ximending, with a 5-minute walk from Ximen MRT station. Ximending is a popular gathering place for young people in Taiwan, which has become the core of Taiwan’s fashion and subculture. With over 6,000 shops and stores around, including clothing, restaurants, coffee shops, beverages, massage, tattoo stores, KTVs, and 10 movie theaters concentrating on the movie street, you can arrange various activities in Ximending, from day to night. Also, singers usually have their mini-concerts or new album release concerts in Ximending; street performers and the many bars enrich the night life of Ximending.

All rooms in Next Stop Taipei are equipped with sheets, reading lamps, multiple plugs, wi-fi and air-conditioning. At the most economic price, we fulfill your need of a basic yet tasteful space, offering a comfortable and relaxed accommodation that is enjoyable.

Moreover, to make efficient utilization of urban space, the hostel simplifies interior decoration and adopts public shower. With environment-friendly concept in mind, we encourage our guests to bring their own toiletries.

Upholding the passion and friendliness of Taiwanese people, we treat and take care of every guest as our family, and we’re more than willing to share the featured culture and natural landscapes in the cities of Taiwan with you. Furthermore, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. With 24-hour front desk service and the security system, we make sure you have a safe stay.