H NikitA is a Ukrainian pop duo formed in Ukraine by Yuriy Nikitin. The group consists of Dasha Astafieva, Anastasiya Kumeyko.

NikitA is one of the most controversial bands in the Russian speaking world. They are said to be one of the most unusual Ukrainian music bands, as their specified theme of music is "Sexual Aggression". The band released their first single, "Mashyna" (Car), in 2008.


The band sings in duet. Nikitin's idea to create the band was under development for quite some time. One of the initial versions of the band's name were Sireny and Divas, however when Nikitin found Dasha and Yulia they decided to name it NikitA which was the name the two ladies used to refer to Nikitin. Nikitin selected Dasha at the Russian-based music project Fabrika Zvezd created by Alla Pugacheva.

Yulia was found by Nikitin a little bit later. Kavtaradze prior to NikitA performed for another band "А.R.М.I.A" (as Army). She left that band being pregnant and after giving birth Yulia tried for Nikitin's music project.

The video director of "Mashyna" was Alexander Filatovich. Choreography for the band was composed by Anastasia Snadna who had prior experience in that field in the "А.Р.М.И.Я" (Kavtaradze's former band). The music director of the band is Roman Babenko who writes lyrics and composes music.

In 2011 the band went through some changes in its cast when Yulia Kavtaradze was replaced with her former colleague from A.R.M.I.A., Anastasia Kumeiko. After that, in 2012, the group added another member Yulia Brychkovska. Group renamed for "Dasha Astafieva & NIKITA"

The trio appeared on the covers of major international men’s magazines in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Slovenia, South Africa, Poland and other countries.

The group is contracted by the mamamusic music casting company that beside NikitA works with already mentioned "А.Р.М.И.Я" as well as "neAngely" ("НЕАНГЕЛЫ"), Iryna Bilyk, and others.

The videos by NIKITA on YouTube enjoy intense popularity, and their live shows are astonishingly exciting for big audiences as well as for high-end exclusive club parties.

Other performances of participants

Dasha is also known for being one of the Playboy's playmates in January 2009 (US version). Dasha is a Central Ukraine native, born in the city of Ordzhonikidze. While pursuing a career as a model, Dasha also studied at Dnipropetrovsk Theatrical College.

Current members

  • Dasha Astafieva (Dnipropetrovsk Region) — vocal
  • Anastasiya Kumeiko — vocal

Former members

  • Yulia Kavtaradze 2008–2011 — vocal
  • Yulia Brychkovska 2012-2016 (Zaporizhia Region) — vocal



  • 2009 - Mashina (Car)
  • 2014 - Hozyain (Owner)
2009 — «Машина»
1."Солдат" (Soldier)3:38
2."Верёвки" (Ropes)3:32
3."Полёт над землёй" (Flying Over Land)3:14
4."Буря в пустыне" (Storm In The Desert)4:23
5."Машина" (Car)3:34
6."Зайчик" (Bunny)3:20
7."Французский поцелуй" (French Kiss)3:48
8."Королева" (Queen)3:28
9."Ветром" (I'll Become Wind)3:35
10."Это чувство" (This Feeling)3:11
2014 — «Хозяин»
1."Хозяин" (Master)3:39
2."Горячий" (Hot)3:20
3."Двигайся" (Move)3:03
4."Делай" (Do)3:03
5."Химия" (Chemistry)4:10
6."Авокадо" (Avocado)3:01
7."Игра" (Game)3:16
8."Гонщик" (Racer)3:27
9."Синее платье" (Blue Dress)3:21
10."Я знаю, это ты" (I Know It's You)3:40
11."Miracle" (feat. Dino & Slick Beats)4:21


  1. 2008 - "Mashina" (Car)
  2. 2009 - "Zaychik" (Bunny)
  3. 2009 - "Veryovki" (Ropes)
  4. 2009 - "Soldat" (Soldier)
  5. 2010 - "Koroleva" (Queen)
  6. 2011 - "Iskusayu" / English version "Bite"
  7. 2011 - "20:12" / English version "My Love"
  8. 2012 - "Avocado" / in English version too
  9. 2013 - "Sineye Plat'e" (Blue Dress)
  10. 2013 - "Igra" (Game)
  11. 2013 - "Ya Znayu Eto Ty" (I know it's you)
  12. 2014 - "Himiya" (Chemistry)
  13. 2014 - "Hozyain" (Master)
  14. 2014 - "Gonschik" (Racer)


2008«Машина»Alexander Alexandrovich FilatovichDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
2008«Зайчик»Alexander Alexandrovich FilatovichDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
2009«Солдат»Victor SkuratovskiyDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
2009«Верёвки»Victor SkuratovskiyDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
2010«Королева»Sergey TkachenkoDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
2011«Искусаю» / «Bite»Sergey TkachenkoDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
(Special Edition)
2011«20:12» / «My Love»Sergey TkachenkoDasha Astafieva, Anastasia KumeykoNo album
2012«Это чувство»Valery Bebko, Oleg BorschevskyyDasha Astafieva, Yulia Kavtaradze«Машина»
2012«Авокадо» / «Avocado»Sergey TkachenkoDasha Astafyeva, Anastasia Kumeyko, Yulia Brichkovskaya«Хозяин»
2013«Синее платье»Alexander ShapiroDasha Astafyeva, Anastasia Kumeyko, Yulia Brichkovskaya«Хозяин»
2013«Игра» / «Johnny Go!»Oleg BorschevskyyDasha Astafyeva, Anastasia Kumeyko, Yulia Brichkovskaya«Хозяин»
2014«Химия»Taras VorobetsDasha Astafyeva, Anastasia Kumeyko, Yulia Brichkovskaya«Хозяин»
2014«Гонщик»Concert videoDasha Astafyeva, Anastasia Kumeyko, Yulia Brichkovskaya«Хозяин»
2014«Хозяин»Sergey TkachenkoDasha Astafyeva, Anastasia Kumeyko, Yulia Brichkovskaya«Хозяин»