Nocturnal Unit

Nocturnal Unit is an independent hip-hop group comprised of blood related family: cousins, brothers and sisters. Family loyalty was instilled in us from our grandmother, who sacrificed everything to develop a close knit unit who would always support each other. Growing up in an unrelenting harsh urban climate, where death lurked around every corner, we have defied the odds and are extremely lucky to have survived to see each new day. The members of Nocturnal Unit are also classically trained, (member Rolf Haas is an internationally touring concert violinist) started in classical music by our grandparents who were professional classical musicians. We have lived, and been involved in such varied communities as Sint Maarten (Netherland Antilles), Barcelona (Spain), Cuernavaca (Mexico),and Graz (Austria). 
Classically trained, street tested, family operated, and world-wide: Nocturnal Unit.

Rolf Haas
Anya Haas
Alec Wells
Erik Nordstrom [+]