Nordica Avenger 75 Skis

The Nordica Avenger 75 is a great learning tool for the true beginner to mellow intermediate skier that wants a ski that is easy to steer and control. The Avenger 75 is made with Recreational camRock that has a rocker/camber/rocker profile with a Transfer Zone that the widest point of the ski is 5 centimeters longer than traditional ski construction that has a very easy turn initiation, and improved balance for the skier. Nordica's Evo Energy Frame Ca Core uses two wood stringers that provide you with stability, and several layers of carbon that makes the ski very easy to control with minimal effort from the skier. The Avenger 75 also makes a great ski for the young skier who is too heavy or strong of a skier for adult skis, but needs a lightweight and forgiving ride to keep control up and fatigue down. [+]