Nordica Dobermann Pro 130 EDT Race Ski Boots

The Dobermann Pro 130 EDT from Nordica is a perfect race boot for the biggest, nastiest, most aggressive racers out there who need something burly stiff and ultra responsive. Nordica's EDT Technology bolts the bootboard right to the chassis of the boot for less twisting of the sole at very fast speeds, and the most responsiveness out of any race boot ever conceived. The 98mm last best fits skiers with a narrow forefoot, or those who have access to a bootfitter that will shape the shell to their foot. The Pro 130 has a Race Pro Fit liner that has a small footprint that resists packing out too quickly, to give you the same fit from the day you try them on, till the last race. The 130 Flex is very stiff and designed to be skied as fast as possible at all times, for the most comfort and responsiveness. If you want a powerful boot for ripping through the gates, the Nordica Doberman Pro 130 EDT will be a fantastic boot for you. [+]