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Nordica Dobermann WC 150 EDT Race Ski Boots

The Nordica Dobermann WC 150 EDT is an ultra high performance boot designed for the World Cup. Nordica's EDT Technology bolts the Zeppa board directly to the chassis of the boot for the ultimate in power transmission, torsional stiffness and power. EDT Technology reduces the twisting of the boots at ultra high speeds, to give you one lightning fast boot. The World Cup Last is 95mm and designed for narrow feet, or to have a bootfitter shape them for you. The Elite Pro Fit Liner is very stiff and designed to not pack out very easily. The brick-like 150 flex is to give you the most control and responsiveness out of your skis at top speed. If you are an elite level racer looking for a fantastic value in a powerful boot the Nordica Dobermann WC 150 is the boot for you! [+]