With the release of his full length album Screaming Light, Nathan
Thomson spins a new twist on a classic genre. The indie folk album is
laced with lush instrumentation, melody, and percussion, while
utilizing vocal as an instrument itself. The songs are beautifully
written and each word seems to spring truth from life experience. The
album is progressive, current, and most importantly never loses touch
with the emotional platform great songs are built from.

Although the album can get diverse, there are strong themes throughout
that seem to string things together well.

"This album is the consequence of every experience I’ve ever had,
musical or not. It contains pieces of every place I’ve ever lived,
every relationship I’ve broken, or saved, to then break later. It
contains my poverty as well as my great fortune. I hope that if people
find it to be anything, they find it to be beautiful, and they find it
to be true." explains Nathan.

The first single "Redefine Beautiful", speaks volumes for the record
itself. The song, almost like a peaceful lullaby, tells a story most
can relate to.

"Redefine Beautiful is about knowing someone, or experiencing
something that transforms your beliefs. You may have some idea about
truth, love, or beauty, but then you have an experience that proves
how little you actually knew before," says the songwriter of his

Nathan has been a writer of sorts his whole life, documenting
his experiences in poetry, stories, and spoken word. It wasn’t until
relocating to Detroit in 2013 that those experiences started becoming the
songs that make up the “Screaming Light” album.

For Nathan, music isn’t a hobby or job; it runs deeper than that, which
is why his songs connect to a deeper place amongst his listeners.
As he put it, “Music for me is very basic in terms of human need. It’s like
breathing, and I’d be a fool not to breathe.” [+]
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