Amidst the many hip-hop artists, Nyesuadah carries the title of a Spiritual Hip hop artist not just for
the sake of proclaiming his faith but also standing for the powerful name he was given. Nyesuadah of
the West African dialect translates to “So God Says,” a powerful name that establishes Nyesuadah’s
powerful voice in the hip-hop arena.

His outspoken messages fused with an urban upbeat pulls his
listeners into thought provoking reminiscence that makes them want
to listen more. He translates his hard learned lessons, outlooks on
life, and his spiritual journey through his music that draws listeners
to identify with him from all walks of life.

Being an experienced performer, he was able to perform on
shows opening for BB Jay and DeWayne Woods. With the
release of his second album THE BLUE FLAME EP, he induced it
with more raw expressions, emotional appeal, and a masterful
presence that proves him one of the best up and coming artist in
the hip hop arena. His first mix tape entitled Kingdom Music
released last year was hosted by DJ Cinemax. , and his successful project Not for the Faint of Heart
released in Jan 2012. [+]