Oakley Blade II Board Shorts

The Oakley Blade II Boardshorts are a revolutionary pair of boardshorts. To get everything out of a wave you need the following traits: quickness, agile, flexible, comfortable and aware of what your muscles are actually doing. The Blade II boardies from Oakely give you all of those traits. The Blade II is designed with a detachable inner short that uses the compression technology and does so by increasing power by reducing the vibration that can damage your muscle fibers. The endurance is optimized by reducing your fatigue and will allow you to recover faster. The compression technology will also improve your awareness of where your positioned on the board which is the key to balance. This design also utilizes the O stretch fabric with four way stretch to allow you to move freely in these boardies while also eliminating the uncomfortable chafing that often can ocurr. The seams on the Blade II use Hydrofuse technology that will stay low profile, eliminate bulk and will prevent rashes. Oakley Hydrofree will also minimize water absorption so the Blade II will stay lightweight and the mesh panels will allow the water to escape and this is all done in a saltwater durable design. A side pocket with waterproof zip allow you to store any important items you may need to bring with you when wearing the Oakley Blade II boardshorts. [+]