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O'Brien 5150 Rush Kneeboard 2016

The O'Brien Rush 5150 Kneeboard has been a true force in the water sports world since its introduction. It still holds true as a kneeboard worth having when you want performance in your ride. Outfitted with an Aggressive Rocker Line and Hand Turned Bevels, you can expect smooth edge-to-edge transitions as well as an awesome pop off the wake. The deep knee wells have a Dual Density EVA Construction for comfort and support especially when you make a hard landing off the wake as well as giving you plenty of control on your ride. A 2:1 Ratio Fully Padded Cinch Strap keeps you securely on the board and will help give you the most out of every turn. Whether you feel like riding forwards or switching backwards, this O'Brien Rush 5150 Kneeboard is one of the best rides you can take when you're on the water. [+]