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O'Brien Ace Wakeboard With Device Bindings

Created for the rider looking to improve comes the O'Brien Ace and Device Wakeboard Package. It offers wide set quad flank fins and low volume rails in order to ensure you have strong edge control. With a continuous rocker you'll have a predictable lift off the wake so you can plan and anticipate what you're next trick will be. Designed with a thin profile, the Ace will flex and rebound under load, maximizing pop so you can really shoot off the water. If you want a wakeboard to really take you to the next level; one that has all the good stuff to give you control and performance, then the O'Brien Ace Wakeboard is the one you must get. The skill improving O'Brien Device binding is also included. The open toe design allows for greater comfort without a restricting feeling and is great if there are other riders who you share your wakeboard with. The left and right specific bindings make for a better fit on your foot and the lightweight chassis is designed to accommodate most feet so that a lot of your friends and family can join in the fun. You can easily adjust these bindings by utilizing the lace system so you can hone in on that perfect fit. The Captive Thumbscrew system makes putting these bindings onto your wakeboard much easier. [+]