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O'Brien Contra Wakeboard

The O'Brien Contra Wakeboard is going to give you that unparalleled thrust to the wake so be prepared for the ride of your life. That thrust is due to the triple-concave hull design through the midsection that defined channels exiting at the tips. You'll have great balance while on edge thanks to the centrally located molded-in fins. The variable rail offers a more forgiving transition too. The Contra has been designed to sit a little deeper in the water. This will allow you to create more line tension with much more ease so you can really boost out of the water and pop off that wake. The Fusion Core helps keep the Contra light but still durable and the Delta Base reduces drag for a cleaner faster ride. Wherever you ride, you'll find that the O'Brien Contra Wakeboard will give you all you could ever ask for. [+]