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O'Brien Siren Womens Wakeboard 2016

With its amazing array of colors, this O'Brien Siren Wakeboard is truly a sight to be seen on the water. Of course to get the full flavor of this board, you'll have to pop off the wake so everyone gets to see the color palate. Built with a continuous rocker, the Siren has a constant curve along the bottom of the board offering predictability on the water and will help any beginner progress into the intermediate zone in no time. This continuous rocker is great for getting you to the top of the wake so you can pull off a move if you want. 1.35in Flank fins also help with tracking and combined with the double barrel channels, you'll also have precision edge hold. It looks great and will help you improve as a wakeboarder, so why not get aboard this O'Brien Siren Wakeboard and show the world what you're made of. [+]