Toss 3 of your friends or family members atop this O'Brien Ultra Screamer Towable Tube and then try to dunk them in the water. Whether bouncing over wakes or swinging them in the tight turns, the Ultra Screamer is all about having fun on the lake when the weather is warm. They'll be clutching onto the handles which are outfitted with EVA knuckle guards to keep their knuckles safe from chafing against the material. The material is durable and tough 28 Gauge PVC which can handle the wears of constant use throughout the season. EVA Pads will keep your riders comfortable as they feel the wind and water spray on and over them. It's quick to inflate and super easy to connect so when you're ready to give them the ride of the lifetime, hook up the O'Brien Ultra Screamer Towable Tube and let the good times roll. [+]