O'Brien Valhalla Blank Wakeboard

Ride like a champ on the legendary O'Brien Valhalla Wakeboard. This wakeboard has been around for a while and has been improving ever since its debut. The Valhalla features a full rail through the center of the board that tapers towards the tips. When you ride on this board, you'll have a floaty feel and the ability to hook up and hit the wake with speed. Designed with a light deck and a thin tip and tail, the Valhalla has a low swing weight making tricks easier to pull off. The Delta Base offers a cleaner, faster ride by reducing drag and the Progressive Rocker really adds some pop off the wake. The O'Brien Valhalla Wakeboard is a favored ride among the elite riders and is consistently one of the best for the money so make sure to get on board and give it all you got. [+]