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Omnitial (om-NIH-shul) brings a fresh and original approach to classic through
contemporary rock music, incorporating a mix of blues-based rock flavor. The band's
ability to cross genres while maintaining a strong sense of musical direction, with
unparalleled conceptualization of arrangements and rock-solid performance, make them a
musical outfit guaranteed to please listeners. Omnitial formed in late 2011 and has been performing at local
venues throughout the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. The band plans to continue performing locally and looks
forward to entertaining audiences regionally.
Formerly known as “This Time Around,” the band found difficulty publicizing via social media due to bands
elsewhere sharing the same name. It was decided the band's new name should be unique; the members agreed
on “Omnitial,” a combination of words ultimately meaning “the universal language of music that is within us
since birth.” This meaning is also reflected in Omnitial's logo.
Sean Lehman, Scott Sorber, Chris Iorio, Robert Burns