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On The Map Music Group

WordPlay T.JAY is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. He grew up a shy choir boy on the south side of Little Rock, AR. He spent the majority of his time with his grandparents at church instead of out on the streets. Every Wednesday and Sunday was consumed with bible study and choir rehearsals. These choir lessons would lay the foundation to his interest in music. All of the instruction he received led his soulful lyricism, his inclusion of melody, and his religious illusions in songs. The sum of these elements equate to the name WordPlay T.JAY.
In 2005 the budding rapper got his first break. His single “The South” was featured on 96.5 in Little Rock. Soon after this event, at 16, WordPlay T.JAY found the confidence to sneak into a night club to meet with Def Jam mogul, Russell Simmons. WordPlay T.JAY presented his demo to Simmons but was told without a copyright the tape could not be taken. Feeling inspired WordPlay T.Jay formed On The Map Music Group a month later.
WordPlay T.JAY was recognized in 2010 when his single “Breakfast & Biggie” made it to the finals in XXL’s Hip Hop Style contest. The same song was featured on MTV’s Rap Fix Live and given a great review from Sway Calloway. Rapper Ja Rule cosigned the song as being “well written”. WordPlay T.JAY went on to release the mix tape Nothin’ Less and his second retail album So Much More.
Change arrived in 2012 beginning the evolution of his sound. With his new single “Ignant [Side B]” he paved the way to incorporating the elements he uses today. His new attitude led to his commercial release 72701 Stories: College Ambitions. In this new project WordPlay T.JAY is heard bending melody and raps until they intertwine. He also elevated his production to include a wide variety of melody and layered instrumentation
With illusions to his faith WordPlay T.JAY paints a picture of his every day experiences. This tread of metaphors extends into a project called The Cycle. In a 12 month journey he takes you through the process of making an album delivering a new song every month. WordPlay T.JAY is now getting more personal and taking his music into spaces he hasn’t traveled to. He delivers more melody with witty lyricism. Instead of giving the story verbatim he now takes you on a journey through his words. After decades of sitting in the pews the choirboy has grown up, grabbed a microphone, and taken control of his fate.