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One for Sorrow: Two for Joy (book)


Welcome to Birddom - a land where magpies rule. An evil intelligence is masterminding their inexorable rise. Dominance has been achieved by systematic genocide. Blackbird and sparrow have been exterminated. The magpie has replaced the pigeon in the city and the starling in the garden. For small birds throughout the land, survival is everything. Birddom needs a hero. A bird to fight the darkness, and bring light back to the land. But what can one bird do, in the face of such evil? One For Sorrow is one of the most talked-about books so far this year. Written by a supermarket worker, initially to entertain his children, it is absolutely gripping... a relentless battle between good and evil as one very brave robin fights to save the day. Ages 13 years and above. [1]