Like the Greek hero himself, ORFEUS will take you on a journey
deep into your soul that you will never forget. ORFEUS is a
Hard-Rock/Alternative band from San Diego. The band is made up of J.D. Combs on
guitar, piano, and vocals, Chris Daharsh on Drums, and Paul Hovey on Bass. J.D.,
Chris, and Paul are childhood friends who all attended the same schools from
1st grade all the way to the end of High School. As the years passed,
they all developed a love for playing and creating great music. It wasn’t until
early 2011, after years of playing in different bands and creating different
types of music, that the three actually had the opportunity to begin a band

ORFEUS draws it influence from many different genres of music and
artists. Drawing from Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk, Jazz, and Classical music, and
artists ranging from Eric Clapton to Tool, Pink Floyd to Metallica, and Sublime
to Muse, ORFEUS has been able to create a completely unique sound all their own.
With powerful guitar riffs, melodic and blistering solos, and passionate vocals,
J.D. provides a voice and soul for ORFEUS. Chris provides an unrelenting
musically dynamic force on the drums, while locking down the rhythm with Paul’s
funk influenced bass lines that are always in the pocket.

Described by fans as Muse meets The Mars Volta, ORFEUS is a band that
everyone can enjoy. The San Diego trio captivates and entraps their audiences
with their energetic live performances and strives to enter everyone’s mind and
heart with their universal and emotional lyrical hooks, and awe-inspiring
musical prowess. As a Phoenix rises from the ashes of its own demise, so does the band,