OSBE Proton Angel Devil Collection Helmet 2016

The Osbe Proton Angel Devil Collection has a look and style all its own. The limited release of the Proton gives you great protection for your head and eyes. The Visor is attached to the helmet with a mirrored lens that can be flipped back when you are not using it. The Visor has a foam trim that lines the inside and bottom edge to keep you comfortable and protected on the mountain. The Visor is also coated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch material. Osbe uses their DAF (Direct Air Flux) Ventilation system that allows air to circulate and move throughout the helmet to keep your temperature regulated and comfortable at all times. If you want a perfect synergy between your head and eye protection, with a look all of its own the Osbe Proton Angel Devil Collection will be just the one for you. [+]