Out Back Wachos Expeditions

What makes Wacho's special is YOU build your own adventure package. Your host Walter Soplin is born and raised in the jungle, with a wealth of local knowledge.
Its a base camp 225 km. out south of Iquitos into the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo comunal reserve
Private comunal nature reserve in the peruvian amazon
It is near to all of the uppermost tahuayo river tributaries.
Which provide Access to the vast isolated pristine flooded lowland and dry upland forest
With their palm swamps,floating meadows, oxbow lakes,forest streams and clay-licks.reptiles
They are partially hidden in the virgen forest surrounding “cocha lobos”a small pristine blackwater lake.
Uakari camp; which accommodates 1-8 guests
Capuchin Camp; which accommodates 1-6 guests.
Families in the community benefit by providing guest with guide services,fresh fish and garden produce and homemade handicraft.
Just let us know what you want and we can org anise your trip accordingly. We aim to service areas OFF the main gringo trail at a truly affordable price.

Please note :
Cancellation Policy : 1 week advance notice.
Only Cash payment accepted on arrival.

Flexible Check-in / Check-out time.

Taxes included