Oz Clarke 250 Best Wines, 2010 (book)


Oz Clarke picks 250 wines to enjoy in 2010. Refreshing whites and roses, fruity or spicy reds, festive fizz and lots more, all described in Oz's well-known chatty style. This book offers a directory of the best places to buy wine in the UK. Oz Clarke, Britain's most popular wine writer, is absolutely in tune with what wine drinkers want today - flavour, individuality, excellent value for money and wines that are readily available. Oz has tasted thousands of wines and selected his 250 Best Wines for 2010. This new edition of Oz Clarke's phenomenally successful annual "Wine Buying Guide" also contains: a guide to wine flavours; wine finder by country and by producer; storing, serving and tasting; buying for the long term; and a directory of the UK's top retailers, from fine wine merchants to supermarkets and high street chains. "250 Best Wines" is the must-have shopping guide to make wine buying hassle-free. Oz's independent, enthusiastic and reliable recommendations will help you find the wines you want at the prices you want to pay. [1]