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Pacific High

Pacific High reside in the Northwest, but their brand of roots-rock could just as easily be at home in the American South or in the dancehalls of Kingston. Ultimately this family band is a successful fusion of reggae and cowboy music, and though they may owe their earthy groove to Rasta and troubadour country, Pacific High could be said to be a part of the global festival, joyful participants in a spiritual revival. Their sound draws on the kind of trance-inducing pulse you might expect at a tribal ceremonial dance, but one is pleasantly surprised to look across the fire and see Willie Nelson grinning back. Carried by Jason Vick on percussion, the tight drumming of Jae Bergeron, and rich-sounding bass swagger of Ezra Riviere, singer/songwriter Russ Riviere brings an outsider's take to a familiar sound, weaving a cool breeze from the golden California coast with the outlaw swagger of a Waylon Jennings. This home-grown Bellingham, WA band mixes outlaw country guitar riffs with the spiritual bent of old-school reggae. As fun to watch as they are to listen to, Pacific High successfully mix the distinct, but surprisingly complementary styles of honky-tonk and reggae with elements of blues and even the occasional tribal vocalization.
Pacific High grew from a community of good friends and children coming together over food and music in an eclectic Bellingham farmhouse with walls painted in every color. The band takes its name from the North Pacific high pressure system that chases the rain clouds away and reveals the sun. It represents the clarity of mind band leader Russ Riviere intends to bring to the present and to the band's music.

Pacific High can be spotted out on the town, at Summertime Festivals, private parties, fundraisers and anywhere people meet with the intent of lifting one another and raising the vibration. [+]