Padron 1964 Anniversary Series No. 4 Natural · 6.5 × 60

Introduced in 1994 to celebrate the Padrón Company's 30th anniversary, the Padron 1964 No.4 Natural, packaged in a box of 20, is a hefty sized edition to this immensely popular line. Grown by the Padrón family in Nicaragua, each No.4 is carefully aged in small batches for 4-years. The result is a smooth, complex smoke with a pleasantly sweet well- seasoned aroma. The blend of the 1964 is a close guarded secret among the Padron family, and to assure that you are always getting the real deal, a specially designed double band features an individually numbered label to guard against counterfeiting. Quality like this doesn’t come cheap, but the moment you light up a 1964 No.4, you’ll realize you are smoking something very special! [+]