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Padron Samplers Padron Series No. 88 Natural Sampler

Padron Sampler No.88 Natural is a collection of some of the world’s finest smokes. Padron cigars are Nicaraguan puros, which are perfectly aged and cultivated from the fertile soils of Estelí, Nicaragua. Each cigar blend has its own scrumptious recipe of robust tobaccos that bring pure smoking bliss. This 4-cigar sample features well-loved editions of their main product line, plus a bonus treat from their Anniversary 1964 series all in natural wrappers. This astounding collection includes a humidified cigar pouch and an informative booklet containing the Padrón family story. The Padron Sampler No.88 Natural includes:1 - Padron 1964 Exclusivo (5.5" x 50)1 - Padron 5000 (5.5" x 56)1 - Padron 4000 (6.5" x 54)1 - Padron 3000 (5.5" x 52)1 - Padron 2000 (5" x 50) [+]