Pamplona All-Inclusive Camping

The beautiful camp is in the hills just outside of town and has a swimming pool, wifi, laundry and other facilities.

Our Bulls Bite camping site is the hangout for 100's of international festival goers, so come and meet a few of your new besties. This is a Festival Camping option we are only open during the San Fermin festival period.

We Party! We're noisy, we're fun, we're your best option or an unforgettable Bulls experience.

San Fermin Festival AKA Running for the Bulls includes one of the world's biggest street parties running throughout the day and night with revellers having fun dancing and drinking in the streets with various cultural events happening every day. It's your choice if you choose to actually run with the bulls or watch from the sidelines, but whichever you choose, know that it will be a thrilling experience.