Perpetual Process

Perpetual Process is a blend of elctronica , lush female vocals and a touch of acoustic instruments. The band is a quartet featuring a female vocalist, bass player, keyboard/guitar player, and a live drummer.

Pereptual Process started as a creative outlet for a self taught producer, Ralph Klisiewicz. Ralph discovered the audio plug-in revolution that began to take place in the last decade. This technology allowed him to record an entire album from his home studio while colaborating with several musicians. He realized that he wanted to bring Perpetual Process to a LIVE setting but he did not want to got he route that many electronic producer take and play as a DJ. Hence, he formed a band. The band was formed by recruiting Corenlius Boo,n who has been playing bass for number of industrial/rock bands in Chicago. The band soon after found Jessica Kingsdale who is a seasoned Musical/Theatre actor. To complete the band, drummer Tim Jones was added to give that live rythim needed to capture the audience.
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