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Pharaoh Phowler & Ka Mir

"We are the past, the present and the future."
Pharaoh Phowler and Ka Mir are the messengers of truth and light, sent here to be beacons of musical hope.


Ka Mir (pronounced Kah Meer) means 'Soul Puramid' in Egyptian. A perfect blend of the past, present and future.
Pharaoh, Dylan, Tony and Rodney are more than just musicians, they are a group of artists, in all aspects of the word. They use their instruments to do much more than just play music; they change moods and auras. Ka Mir makes more than just run of the mill music, its more like magic how they fuse genres and sounds. While following the tradition of classic jazz, soul and swing they frequently incorporate and blend elements of hip hop, rock and R&B. Ka Mir is an eclectic collection of men whose music and sound create magic that capture the soul.

•Pharaoh Phowler•
Pharaoh lives up to his name by all means. Native trumpet player, songwriter, vocalist and instinctive poet, Pharaoh is a man of many artistic hats. His Avant-Garde spirit, heterogeneous vibe and trumpet skills make him a truly unique treasure. On his own, he has played aside a long list of greats and legends, making himself a well rounded trumpeter and artist who is beyond his youthful age.

•Dylan Meek•
A native Texan turned New Yorker, Dylan Meek is multitalented artist as well as musician. Pianist and songwriter for Ka Mir, Dylan is a cool eclectic collection of all things artistic and soulful. His cool, almost carefree, vibe mixed in with his funky fused music makes him a musical and artistic visionary beyond his years.

•Tony Lannen•
Turn the bass up for this bassist and artiste known as Tony Lannen. Lead bass player for Ka Mir, Tony's talent and achievements put him on a pedestal usually attained by artists and musician much older.

Multitalented artist, Rodney is a one-man jazz band. Alongside being the drummer for Ka Mir, Rodney is a jazz vibraphonist, classical and jazz upright bass, pianist and tuba player. [+]