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PhotoSynthesizers, aka P.S., is a local grown mixture of urban and organic sound. In 2006 BarCodez and Joshua Bryant came together completely by chance. Bryant answered BarCodez ad in a local Richmond (RVA) publication called Style Weekly and the foundation of PhotoSynthesizers was built. This emcee and producer duo later in 2008 added amazing artists from the local music community, whose influences were strongly rooted in Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Pop sounds.

PhotoSynthesizers by definition are any organisms that use light to cultivate energy. We embodied that definition and have become “the light in sound”. We create an energy that is undeniable by using natural and industrial components to foster a visual and auditory experience that is both unique and powerful.

But we also know our purpose is bigger. Passionate about the local community that gave us our start, Photosynthesizers is committed to giving back. We bring a dynamic and engaging atmosphere to fundraising events and benefits, and have a strong connection to the youth in our community. We focus not only on children with musical talents, but those that need positivity and encouragement to find the talents hidden inside.

P.S. Listen to our lyrics, feel our energy, experience our passion. [+]