Pirates of Koh Phangan

Located 30 second walk from FULL MOON beach. 9pm we kick off the partying with drinking games and we run daily group outings to ensure everyone gets to know each other
Drink vouchers redeemable the night before FM and on the night of FM ( for dorm bookings only )
HAPPY HOUR 9pm - 10pm, 100b BUCKET

Pirates of Koh Phangan, is situated only 30 meters from the full moon beach. Especially during the full moon period the street is in full party mode with the block party around. The street has many bucket stands, yummy food and excellent music. Our favourite being deep/progressive house played by international Dj’s who love to make you move.

The dorm is cozy with only 10 bunk bed dorm and 5 private rooms We have a variety of air con & fan dorm/rooms to cater for all budgets.The toilet and shower room is next to the dorm room, we have 3 toilets and two showers in the hostel. One Shower /toilet next to the dorm room and 2 toilets/1 shower down stairs. These and the dorm rooms will be cleaned daily by one of the friendly staff.

Down stairs is perfect for chilling during the day and drinking at night. We have a chillout zone perfect for hung over days where you can relax and watch movies or facebook your friends about how much more fun you are having. At night we often get competitive and a little slippery by playing beer pong. This is the perfect way to form new friendships and break the ice.
The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. We will take care of you in any way possible to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your time with us. We ask that you treat each other and your belongings with respect. We know you will!

All staff have been living here for many years and know all the little secrets of the island, which we will gladly share with you of course. Weather you want to explore the island or simply know the best value foods. We are well travelled and will gladly give you any information you need about Thailand and its surrounding countries. Sharing travel stories is always fun and very entertaining.

Pirates of Koh Phangan & The Black Pearl Curse
As most pirates will tell you we do like a good party sometimes. Pirates have always got friends coming back for the personalities and of course music. We all love music and always welcome other music lovers to join in the fun. We offer a range of genres that are bound to please most tastes. One other very important saying we have here is ‘Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate”.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you have the best Koh Phangan experience.

Full Moon Party Dates 2015
Sunday 04, January
Tuesday 03, February
Thursday 05, March
Friday 03, April
Saturday 02, May
Tuesday 02, June
Tuesday 30, June
Saturday 01, August
Saturday 29, August
Sunday 27, September
Tuesday 27, October
Wednesday 25, November
Friday 25, December
Thursday 31, December

Pirates of Koh Phangan