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PnB Rock

Born Rakim Allen and better known by the stage name PnB Rock, he is a rapper who was signed by Atlantic Records after his hit single "On Fleek" took off. Other singles include "My City Needs Something," "Hit Me Up" and "FWU" featuring Crown Bella. He never graduated from high school. He put out a series of mixtapes called RnB, RnB2, and RnB3. The pain of the passing of his Uncle Moe helped inspire him musically. He and Fetty Wap collaborated on a single together called "Jealous" which was featured on PnB Rock's third mixtape, RnB3. [+]  Pnb rock has two cousins that goes to Delaware valley charter high school name Raquan Byers AKA Eww.Quan an Dequan byers AkA Eww.Sexii. Raquan was born on December 4,2000 Raquan plays For his football team starting Running back on Junior varsity He's very talented an athletic Raquan Rap an He also sings an is a big fan of his older cousin Pnb rock. Dequan plays varsity basketball an has got accepted to temple,Oregon,Florida State to play for there team dequan is in 11th grade An can also Rap An sing the 2 brothers lives up in uptown always wishing to be with pnbrock one day pnbrock an the 2brothers never mate in person but there willing to do anything jus to see there famous cousins or he's willing to see them.