POC Fornix Communication Audio Helmet 2016

One of the best new helmets for the year is this POC Fornix Communication Helmet. From its stability, performance and protection, you'll find that this helmet will be one that you'll never want to give up. For protection, you'll have a lightweight in-mold design with an EPS liner to keep your head intact in the event you take a nasty spill. The Aramid Bridge Reinforcments offer stability as well as a dispersion of impact energy so that you can expect plenty of protection. For comfort, you'll have adjustable ventilation to help push that stale and sticky air away from your head so you can remain dry and comfortable as you carve into the mountain. The Goggle Vents help remove the steam from your goggles which will greatly minimize fogging. Finally, the Powerful Beats by Dr. Dre Speakers and Microphone are built into the neck roll so you can get unprecedented sounds as you slay the slopes. There's a remote control that allows you to sync up to your phone so you can take any incoming calls, if necessary. Welcome to the new style of helmet. Be the first to show off the style and technologically advanced POC Fornix Communication Helmet. [+]