POC Lid Goggles 2016

The POC Lid Goggles are an award-winning design that offers a super-wide lens so you have excellent field of view allowing for faster reaction times and an awesome view of the entire terrain. The double lens design will help prevent fogging and the PC/CP materials with an anti-scratch coating help with resistance for whatever you may encounter along the way down the slopes. If you opt to change out the lenses, the lens attachment system makes it a quick process. The Triple-Layer Face Foam will make these goggles fit comfortably on your face while creating a barrier to prevent the cold and snow from seeping in. The silicone grip on the inner strap keeps the POC Lid Goggles situated just how you want them to on your helmet or hat. With the high-quality Zeiss wide lenses and comfortable design, you'll love seeing it all when wearing these POC Lid Goggles. [+]