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POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Helmet 2016

Targeted towards advanced free skiers who find themselves off trail in exposed environments the Receptor Backcountry is a high developed helmet based on the proven Receptor Construction. The Receptor Backcountry utilizes a variation on Double Shell construction with a PC/ABS outer shell for durability on impact and a light weight PC inner shell. Inside the shell a multi impact PEP liner allows the Receptor Backcountry to live a long life lasting through multiple small impacts. Between the two an Aramid Membrane provides a puncture proof barrier. While this is all just a slightly modified Receptor where the Receptor Backcountry takes huge step up in safety is through the MIPS Protection system. Mimicking one of the safety systems that already exist in the human head, the helmet will absorb not only the vertical part of impacts, but also the rotational violence. [+]