POC Receptor BUG Communication Audio Helmet 2016

The POC Receptor BUG Communication Helmet is a great helmet for you if you love jamming your tunes on the slopes. The Beats by Dre speakers will give you the best sound quality. The remote is compatible with most smart phones that will let you take calls, change your tunes and pump up the volume right from the cord. The Receptor BUG Helmet is ultra light weight and comfortable to protect your dome as you fly down the mountain jamming Air Supply. The Ventilated Double Shell System offers plenty of protection while also ensuring that the sweat accumulating on your head has the opportunity to dry so you remain comfortable carving into the groomers. The Detachable Goggle Clip locks your goggles in place so they don't come loose if you decide to head bang to Bohemian Rhapsody. In-Mold Construction will keep your head protected and an EPS Liner keeps it comfy with the POC Receptor Bug Communications Helmet. [+]